Who We Are

Amy and Pam met years ago while working together in a local school district. Pam was the district’s BCBA and Amy was a special education teacher working with students with autism. They became good friends while working together and stayed in touch when Amy left the district. They shared the same passion for making a positive impact for families living with autism. Providing in-home services and watching a child become an active participant in their own family always left Amy and Pam feeling humbled, successful, and proud. 

Years later, the world conspired to bring Pam and Amy back together. Amy continued on her career path and succeeded in becoming a BCBA. She began a small in-home ABA company on the South Shore shortly after ARICA was passed. She also returned to the local school district as a BCBA to once again work with Pam. They worked together well as a team, collaborating and supporting each other through various cases, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of each other. Eventually, Amy asked Pam to join her to create an in-home ABA company to continue to work together, growing the business to support as many families as possible along the southeastern part of the state. The idea has grown to a very successful company providing what Pam and Amy consider to be the best in-home services in the state of Massachusetts.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and/or Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts (LABA)

At Southeastern ABA, we are board certified and/or licensed behavior analysts. Our staff includes special educators, speech and language pathologists, and others currently working towards the BCBA requirements. Each of our highly-trained staff members has a minimum of three years of experience in the field.

Service Areas

  • Counties of Plymouth
  • Bristol
  • Norfolk
  • Barnstable
  • Dukes
  • Nantucket

Who Pays for These Services?

Most insurance companies pay for medically necessary treatment for autism, this includes applied behavior analysis. Families may have to pay a deductible or copay for sessions depending on their insurance carrier. We offer support to get secondary insurance to help cover deductibles and copays. We offer help with application and navigation through this sometimes tricky process.