Community Services

We know how challenging it can be for some of our parents to engage in life outside of the household environment, as many things that most of us take for granted are impacted by symptoms of autism. Let us work on building skills for your child to better manage these basics of everyday life. Through practice, repetition, and systematic reinforcement of positive social behavior, we can help your family open doors into your community.

Community Outings

  • Banking
  • Church
  • Eating in a Restaurant
  • Hair Cuts
  • Public Transportation
  • Shopping

Social Groups

  • Small groups having fun: 
    • playing turn-taking games
    • pretend play
    • arts and crafts
    • circle time
    • listening to books
    • special snacks
    • facilitated by BCBAs and behavior therapists 
  • Goals for social groups: 
    • work cooperatively with peers
    • share materials
    • turn-taking
    • eye contact
    • allowing others into child’s own play
    • allow peers to change or alter play routine
    • follow rules of games
    • playing with toys the way the manufacturer intended
    • conversational turn-taking
    • initiate conversations
    • stay on topic
    • seek assistance or help when needed