For the child with autism, as language skills improve, so does behavior. The ability to communicate decreases frustration for everyone involved—the child and family members.

How We Do It

  • We use verbalizations, PECS, augmentative communication, and sign language in a systematic approach.
  • We make communicating fun and engaging, so that it is more easily reinforced for every individual.
  • We teach the child to identify common objects, people, and activities in the environment.

Social Communication

  • Reading a room 
  • Looking for social cues from others 
  • Socially appropriate ways to: enter a conversation, maintain a conversation, leave a conversation 
  • Socially appropriate topics of conversation 
  • Hidden Curriculum

Language Development

  • Build vocabulary 
  • Identify common objects, people and activities in the environment 
  • Build language basics - attending, noticing, eye gaze, scanning 
  • Create motivation and excitement to share information