In-Home Services

We will deliver direct services in your home or community. These services include speech and functional communication, discrete trial, incidental learning, case supervision, and parent training and/or support based upon your child’s unique needs. 

In-Home sessions are generally at least an hour up to several hours at a time, depending on your child’s needs. The behavior therapist will structure the session for your child to include functional skills, movement, fun, play, chores, etc. Our goal is for all sessions to be engaging and fun for both the staff and the client!

Ongoing Assessments

Your behavior analyst closely monitors your child's progress to ensure we are prepared to meet his or her emerging needs. We provide ongoing assessments, edit the behavior support plan, and design a developmental plan.

Team Approach

To best serve and meet your child’s and family's needs, we believe in a complete team approach; therefore, our services include the facilitation of continuous feedback and conversations with all family members and others involved in your child's life, including the school team, the in-home therapists, and the behavior analyst.