Daily Living & Skill Acquisition

At Southeastern ABA, our goal is to help your child acquire independent daily living skills that are age appropriate, meaningful, and necessary at the child’s level of capability. We teach all daily living skills using a systematic approach and add new ones at appropriate times as indicated by observation and data.

Important Daily Living Skills

  • Daily hygiene: handwashing, toothbrushing, toilet training, menstruation management, showering, deodorant, and overall personal hygiene
  • Snack and meal preparations
  • Chores: making bed, cleaning up toys, keeping room neat, cleaning bathroom, kitchen etc.—all at age-appropriate levels
  • Cognitive readiness skills: from matching, sorting, and identification of basic objects, numbers, and letters to categorizing, matching items to function (toothbrush is used with toothpaste to brush teeth, scissors cut paper) letters, numbers, basic measuring, solving puzzles, executive functioning, and organization
  • Prerequisite skills to help maintain appropriate behavior such as waiting, making a choice, and following simple (and gradually more complex) instructions

Skill Acquisition

  • School readiness: such as categories, matching, sorting, numbers, letters, colors, shapes, etc.
  • Attending: listening to a speaker, watching as someone speaks or shows items, joint attention
  • Scanning/discrimination between items: visually scanning an array, identifying different items
  • Making a Choice: choosing with purpose an item/activity