Join Our SABA Team

We welcome professional, qualified individuals who hold current credentials and are passionate about improving everyday life for families raising a child with autism.

These are some of the main responsibilities of various SABA positions.

BCBA/LABA Job Responsibilities

  • Create treatment plans.
  • Maintain and analyze notes and data.
  • Schedule therapy sessions.
  • Help parents set and work towards targets and goals.
  • Regularly supervise therapists.
  • Document observations.
  • Review therapists semiannually.
  • Coordinate team communication.
  • Be available to answer therapists’ questions and make sure they have what they need to be successful.
  • Maintain the required documentation.
  • Support families with regular communication and answers to questions.
  • Ensure clients have appropriate materials for all programming.
  • Monitor the progress of skill acquisition.
  • Monitor the progress of negative behavior reduction.